Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Hopping

I am going to share another link to a blog I just checked out.  It is a story of a family who had a dream, suffered set backs and generosity and are now living their dream on their homestead.
What I took away most from this story is that a home or homestead doesn't have to be a new, fancy house with lots of land.  A home is a place that is ours, a place to try out all the ideas we lie awake at night dreaming about, a place we are proud of.
You do not have to have a lot of possessions or the best place on the block.  As I read the blog I get thinking how much this author is like my own mother in law.
The blog is still relatively recent, but worth watching to see her dreams come to life.  Take a hop on over, tell her Kan-green sent you.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blog Hopping

I decided to do a little reading after seeing a post on a homesteading forum where like minded people listed their blog addresses.

The first site I visited was  I have to say I am very impressed with how fast they managed to get their home built.  There were some nice pictures of the building process. 

Going back in the timeline on the blog I couldn't help but think that their situation was a lot like ours.  It took a year for them to sell their home.  We hope it doesn't take as long for us because making the payment on it and out rental is a burden. 

There was a section on the temporary housing, a FEMA trailer, shipping container, and yurt.  Sadly no pictures were included as it sounded like a good solution and I would have liked to see how they managed it.

I especially liked the section on gardening, in particular the lasagna concept.  Not many people are aware of this style gardening and in my situation it would be a good way to get rid of loads of limbs and brush.  Remember what happened the last time I tried burning brush which I believe was a major contributor to my ongoing health problems.

Overall I would have to say it would be worth your time to visit their blog and I would like to say congratulations on working towards your dreams.  Leave them a message and tell them Kan-green sent you.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What a day!

I wasn't able to round up any apprentices today but I have to get a roof on this cabin.  The good news is I discovered my framing nail gun was not broken but I had bought the wrong nails for it when I originally bought it.  Too bad I didn't get that figured out until after all the walls were framed.  It would have saved so much time.

We loaded all the lumber, generator, and all the tools and pulled out of the drive around noon.  I know, I should have started earlier but my two year old sounded like he was coming down with something so we let it warm up a bit first.  We had a couple of stops to make before we could head out.

After grabbing lunch we hit the lumber yard for nails for the gun and some brackets.

We got out to the land and got everything unloaded.  I had to fix a couple of mistakes and place some more nails in a few of the studs it was time to pick up the girls from school.  I stayed behind to continue working.  The plans called for doubled 2X6's at each end to act as ties and the start of the loft joists.

After getting those set I began work to prepare for placing the ridge beam.  I doubled up two 2X4's and set them atop the middle of the end walls and braced them.  I thought it would be smart to attach a short 2X4 at the top on each side of the ridge beam studs. 

After setting the ridge beam atop the supporting studs I realized my mistake.  If I was using a doubled 2X8 for a ridge beam it would've worked out great.  Since I wasn't I realized I had no way to nail the beam to the studs.  I had to cut off the "safety studs" and got the ridge beam secured.

I just started to figure out the angle for the plumb cut for the first set of rafters when my daughter advised me her Christmas program was starting in 30 minutes.

We hastily gathered and loaded the tools and covered the flooring and all our lumber with tarps.

I have to work a 24 hour shift tomorrow and they are calling for a lot of rain and/or snow for Saturday.  Hopefully everything stays dry and I can get the rafters up on Sunday.

Wish me luck, I need all I can get.