Monday, April 25, 2011

Cabin Fever

Why is it that our best laid plans seldom turn out how we wish.  Our goal for this spring was to have the cabin completed by the first of April, the market garden planted, the remaining blueberries planted and a new raspberry patch started.

On the cabin front the plans are in hand. A good portion of the lumber purchased, and the site laid out.
We finally got the garden tilled and planted what starts and seeds were ready. That was almost two weeks ago.  We haven't been able to set foot in it since because of the incredible amount of rain we have been receiving.  Good for the weeds but its going to mean lots more work for me.

I've decided to build raised beds for the remaining plants, I like the looks of a nicely laid out raised bed garden and it likely will be easier on the back when it comes time to harvest and maintain them.

I have been disgusted with the prices the local nurseries are charging for berry plants.  Thanks to Google I found a nursery located in Joplin Missouri with very reasonable prices.  The name of the business is the Botany Shop. We paid them a visit over the weekend and I am very pleased with the prices and quality of the plants.  The owner was pleasant and extremely knowledgeable and seemed very eager to ensure that we had all of the details to successfully plant and maintain the plants.

We purchased enough blueberries to finish the patch we had planned for this year as well as all the raspberry plants we needed to establish our initial patch. 

The Botany Shop sells all of the typical plants one would expect to find at a nursery, trees, flowers, shrubs, blueberries, raspberry plants, blackberry plants, and everything in between.  They have many varieties and the will ship if you are out of the area.  I was so pleased I plan on making all my future berry purchases from them.
Our long term goal is to have a pick your own berry operation and sell berries and non genetically modified vegetables at the local farmers markets.  We know it will take time, money, and lots of hard work but we feel that with the way things are going we have to do all we can to establish a supplemental source of income in the event that one day we get to retire.  If only the rain would hold off.  All I need is a few days.  Can someone please do a dance to stop the rain?

some of the Raspberry plants we purchased

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