Friday, June 10, 2011


No other way to describe it.  The weather, demands, tasks needing completed, hot.  Just no other way to describe it.  With my work schedule, the girls birthdays this month, and all the work needing done on the cars, house, land, and everything else it is a little overwhelming.

My plans for the week and reality did not quite mesh.  The week started with me being broke down on the side of the road while on my way to work.  The tornado taking out one of our major hospitals has thrown us for a loop.  The other major hospital in Joplin is full.  This means anyone needing specialized care must be transported twice as far which has resulted in a lot of time on the road and great loss of sleep and time to accomplish anything else needing done.

We haven't figured out everything we need for our drip irrigation for the berries so we had to get some water on them.  In the past we would fill our water tank at home and drive the nearly 30 miles to our land.  This was not ideal.  Our city charges sewer fees for every drop of water we use no matter how we use it.  We also use more fuel to pull the tank that far.  We set up an account to buy bulk water in a town much closer to our land and we will save a lot of money.  The last time we watered we used 250 gallons of water and it cost less than $5.00. When the irrigation system is installed we will save even more as we plan on using rain barrels and creek water to irrigate.

 We planned on having a pre-birthday party for the girls today since I may have to work late Thursday which is my oldest girls thirteenth.  We were planning to eat dinner together, eat some ice cream and give the girls their big combined gift, and then go do some fishing at dusk.  When we walked into the house after being gone all day it was 86 degrees inside.  Upon checking we found the central air unit frozen up.  We just had the freon topped off so we checked to ensure all of the air vents inside were clear and then checked the outside unit.  The vents were covered with filth.  I had sprayed it down a couple of weeks ago but apparently not good enough.  After about two hours with tooth brushes and the water hose it was finally clean and blowing cold air.

Needless to say this ended our fishing plans we accomplished our other goals.  I still don't know what to think about this weather.  I have no idea if global warming is real or just an unproven theory but this has been a year of weird weather.  Record snows, a late spring, tornadoes hitting everywhere, and now record heat.  God help us.

Until next time....

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