Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prepping for a roof

As you may recall we obtained a load of cull lumber last spring.  Last week we retrieved the remaining lumber from the basement of our home we are trying to sell.

The lumber was a mix of 2X10 and 2X12's.  The plans called for 2X6 rafters.  This called for us having to rip enough lumber for 18 rafters.  The last time we ripped lumber we burned out the motor on my table saw.  We bought that saw about 10 years ago for less than $100 and it cut a lot of wood over the years.

The cabin roof is going to be 12/12 pitch.  On one side the rafters will be 12 feet long, the other side 8 feet since a porch will tie into it.  I am mainly concerned with getting the cabin in the dry before we start getting snow and ice.

We set up the table saw and rigged it so that the top rail of our trailer would support one end of the lumber as it came off the saw.  We improvise a lot around here. 

We got the lumber cut and we ended up with all the rafters I need and 2X4's I am sure we will use somewhere.  The are calling for heavy rain and/or snow this weekend so I must get out there tomorrow to get the rafters placed.

Wish us luck as we will need it and watch for my next post to see how it went.

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