Friday, February 17, 2012

All Dried In

I wasn't able to complete drying in the cabin the last day I worked on it.  We had a couple of inches of rain prior to me going out, they were calling for more.  I was super bored and looked outside to see wonderful sunshine and I decided to head out and get as much  done as possible.  After pulling into my short driveway I noticed the field looked awfully wet which was unusual.  It is the area of the pass between the tres we usually have trouble with.  It was so unusual I stopped to engage the 4X4 and snap a pick prior to going in.  Keep that in mind for later. 

When we left after our last workday we had part of the gable ends to complete the sheathing, cutting the door out and attaching the last piece of plywood on the front where the door will go which I couldn't complete because my only reciprocating blade had broken.

 I cheated and nailed a 2X4 to help support the wood as I was working solo.  It didn't take long to get the gable ends complete.  It was just cumbesome without anyone to assist.  I got both ends done and then moved on to the door frame.

 I picked up two extra blades and cut the doorway out fairly fast.  No problems with that.

 It was a little past 5:00 pm when I completed drying in the cabin.  I was going to use a sheet of plywood for a temporary door however, the battery was dead on my cordless drill.  At least now we will not have to worry about the walls and floor getting wet.  Our next goal is to install the porch along the front and we still have a good deal of work to do on the outside with completing the rafter ties and loft joists.

 As I said previously I had no trouble driving in.  When I was ready to leave it was starting to rain.  I made it through the muddy pass without any trouble.  It wasn't until I came to the field that the situation became
somewhat treacherous.  As you cnan see in the picure to the right I nearly becaame stuck.  If not for the grace of God four wheel drive and the accelerator to the floor I would'lve been stuck and walking a couple of miles to get a tractor.

I have decided it is a priority to get down some rock to extend the driveway.   I found an online cauculater to come up with math on how much rock I will need.  In order to expand the drive with base rock it will take 44 tons of base rock to expand it to 12' wide by 100'.  That is going to be an expensive driveway just to access the back of our property but we have to be able to access it so the rock company is going to like me!  Until next time be safe and be prepared!

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