Monday, March 19, 2012

Lofty Plans

What wacky weather we have been experiencing.  Yesterday was spent mowing and cleaning up the yard at the house we are currently renting.  It was nice that the mowers started up without much problems, I have kept the batteries charged throughout winter.  Jenn and the girls picked up sticks that had fallen from the trees and stacked them in a pile at the curb.  I had planned on taking them to the farm for tender for our bon fires but our land lord pulled up in his truck and took them away.  We lucked out and have a good landlord.  It's amazing how many sticks fall from the trees it seems like we are always picking up sticks.

We managed to make it out to the cabin.  The ground was really wet, the pass muddy with standing water.  I was hesitant to drive the truck through it as we need new tires, the tread is pretty worn causing me to nearly get stuck on an earlier visit.  The ground is saturated despite no rain recently. 

Lacie had to dig a hole, she got down about a foot and a half and the hole started filling with water.  In no time the hole was nearly full.  The area she was digging is just inside the woods about 20 feet away from the wet weather stream.  I have been thinking about driving a sand point well for irrigating the berry plants.  With this hole filling with water so near the surface dispite no recent rain only affirms my belief that I could be successful in driving a shallow well.

I got to work installing plywood for the loft floor.  We got all the pieces up to cover the loft but only one piece is nailed down.  I was running out of time and the girls were ready for their bonfire, I also had to repair some storm damage as part of the roofing felt had blown off one side when we had high winds recently.

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