Monday, June 25, 2012

Shattered Dreams

As most of you know my goal has been to build a sustainable future for my wife and kids.  I suppose it may not be obtainable now.

We spent many hours at our land where we planned to make our future.  Now im not sure how our future will play out.  The housing market has plunged to the point that im not sure we have any equity.

If you read back thru the blog you will see I became very ill.  The land I loved was slowly killing me.  I have felt like something is killing me this entire time.  I am always fatigued, my knees are swollen and I can barely walk.

I know my wife has been frustrated with me, I have missed out on so much of the kids this past year.  I was to the point that, I wasn't sure how much more of this pain and none of the doctors could come up with the answer.

We finnaly got into see a rheumatologist because my doctor could tell that I had artritis just by the look of my knees.

Surprise!  We got a call from the rheumatologist that my tests came back positive for rocky mountain spotted fever.  I have been on doxycycline for a week.

I am so angry that it has taken a year to figure this out, especially since I begged and pleaded for them to test me for tick borne diseases.

The day I became ill my symptoms were very high fever, the worst headache of my life.  Once they ct'd my chest and found the pneunonia thats all they focused on.

So now we are waiting to seec the infectious diseasev and cardiologist.  

So to the Dr who told me I had fibromyalgia, it doesn't appear overnight and you should have listened to me.  The fevers, joint pain, pettichial rash, and fhe fact told you I had removed at least 20-30 ticks a few,weeks prior should have clued you in.

Educate yourelves on tick borne diseases.  You know your body better than anyone!

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