Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Hopping

I am going to share another link to a blog I just checked out.  It is a story of a family who had a dream, suffered set backs and generosity and are now living their dream on their homestead.
What I took away most from this story is that a home or homestead doesn't have to be a new, fancy house with lots of land.  A home is a place that is ours, a place to try out all the ideas we lie awake at night dreaming about, a place we are proud of.
You do not have to have a lot of possessions or the best place on the block.  As I read the blog I get thinking how much this author is like my own mother in law.
The blog is still relatively recent, but worth watching to see her dreams come to life.  Take a hop on over, tell her Kan-green sent you.

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