Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crisis Prepared

When one decides to take their destiny into their own hands it's one thing.  When you bring your family along it's another.  It's a special breed of of people who choose to be self reliant.  No depending upon the government or another person when things go wrong. No calling 911, you are 911.

I always have my eye out for products that will make my life easier, dependable, durable, there when I need it.  I ran across one such item recently and I feel it is so important that everyone else has access to it that I had to post about it.

Imagine being in a situation where the difference between life and death depends on you having that one item.  It may be that your home is on fire and you have to escape the second floor. No ladders, the fire department is to far away, you have to be your own rescuer Imagine an item you can wear on your wrist.  It comes in a multitude of styles and colors.  It is always with you because it looks good and your life may depend on having it.

I have found that item.  It's from a small, American start up company called Crisis Cord.  I got mine for less than the price of feeding two people at a fast food place.  I chose a bracelet because it looks cool, I could get it in my team colors, and I can show my school pride while being prepared.  I got my bracelet in LSU colors.  You can choose from many different color combination and style. OU Fan? Covered, they have crimson and white.  Obscure?  Covered, they have camo, black, OD green.  It looks good and is comfortable to wear.  If I needed to escape that burning house or just needed some rope to secure some lumber on top of my car I can simply take it apart and I am covered. 
My crisis cord bracelet has a whistle buckle.  I'm going to buy the kids and my wife one.  If someone tried to kidnap them or if they are lost in the woods they could use the whistle to call attention to themselves.

I'm sold.  I feel like you would be to.  They carry several different items, check them out and get yours.  Be prepared.  Check them out, they can be found on Facebook at Facebook.com/confrontit

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